Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Clear Scans once again, Alleluia! Hannah had a head MRI on Tuesday afternoon, and we are all clear once again. As I stood with Hannah in the MRI, holding her foot like I always do, I was playing out the scenarios in my head...what if? What if it was all clear? I expected it to be all clear since Hannah has been doing so well and has had no issues. But, what if there was something? So many kids lately have had "something." Even after long periods of "nothing" and "all clear", so many children have shown up with "something" just out of the blue. At this point, it's difficult to put us in the that position. At one point in the past I had everything all set on what I would do, I would jump into action and beat down the new brain tumor. But, it's almost as if I have faded away from that and can't believe that it will ever happen. It's like a safety net I have built around Hannah so that it can't happen. It's not so bad living in this dream, I like it. We don't have to go back until December 14th, wow!

I see it every day. I see kids die every day from cancer. It's really been horrible lately, or maybe I'm just more in tune with it now. It just seems like a lot of kids are recurring and a lot of kids are dying. So many heartaches and terrible stories. Kids do not die peacefully from cancer.

So, are you still with me? Hannah delivered a bunch of goodies to the clinic during our visit on Tuesday. Colby came with us, and was so enamored by a little girl that Hannah delivered a hat to. This little girl was bald (although Hannah informed us that she DID have little wisps of hair) and picked out the cutest pick hat. It was too big for her bald little head, but looked so darn cute on her, her dad though so too-we saw him taking a picture. Hannah really got a kick out of passing out some of the hats we brought. Here she is getting everything ready. This wouldn't be possible without all of your generous donations to Hannah's Cans for Cancer. I plan to do another update soon on all of the wonderful donations we have had recently, thank you so much!

This week Hannah is in tennis camp, so it's off to bed! Enjoy the summer, we are!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Our Relay this year was another success! Every year it seems there is so much work to be done to get ready, but every year it is so worth it. Hannah had a good time again this year, what a true SURVIVOR she is! She wanted us to walk the Survivor lap again this year with her to start the Relay so we did. The second lap of the Relay is caregiver lap. Love this picture of Colby walking with Hannah. Colby has done so much for Hannah over these last 3 years, and it hasn't always been easy for her. She was the one left behind while we focused on Hannah. She was the one who went to games and school and concerts and plays without her mom and dad (although Grandma and Grandpa were great stand-ins). She was the one who had to play second fiddle because her sister was so sick. We tried hard not to make her feel left out but it was inevitable. And look at her-still taking care of her sister. Just love this picture.

Our team this year raised close to $2000-with $755 coming from our quarters lap where everyone comes out and lines the track with quarters. Here is little Thomas-the only survivor at Relay younger than Hannah. He has hepatoblastoma (liver cancer) and is doing really well. He worked on these quarters for almost an hour! Our team Wheel of Fortune raised $238-check it out! The kids had great fun with this one, and Pam did an awesome job making the wheel. The rest of our money raised came from the luminaries and other donations made. Thanks to everyone for your support once again this year. This year Hannah collected 64 luminaries!

To date, our Relay has raised $155,000 with more money still on it's way. That's awesome! I had better end now, it's taken me 2 weeks to get this posted. Hannah is starting in on another round of tests and doctors appointments, which has kept us pretty busy the last week. She has her next MRI on June 29th.