Monday, August 31, 2009



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Yes, it's September again already, which means it's Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. We have our gold ready to wear this month, and I am actively working on the current Team Unite Strategy -strategy #41. Please visit the Team Unite website by clicking on the picture above to read their strategy. They have such good ideas and are a wonderful group of parents and others who got together and have become a powerful voice in the fight for more awareness for Childhood Cancer. I do know some of these people-although we have not met in person, two of the leaders of the organization have both lost children to cancer-Jessica and Henry. Please take a moment during the month to check out their ideas to help us in this fight.

We would love to hear stories of what you are doing this month to help raise awareness, please share with us in the guestbook (or email me directly).


Saturday, August 29, 2009

At this rate, I'll still be talking about our Indiana vacation at Christmas! Speaking of Christmas, we'll be spending it in Indiana, we made our reservations already. So back to the vacation, we did lots of fun things including a trip to a water park, a cigar boat parade, swimming, campfires, several trips to Carlsons hot dog stand, blueberry picking, a lemonade stand at the neighborhood garage sale, and lots of hummingbird watching on the deck. It was fun and relaxing.

Sydney came back to New York with us. We took a trip over to the ocean to check out the waves from hurricane Bill. The beach was GONE! I have never seen it like that, pretty big waves all the way up to the boardwalk. Now we're in the middle of storm Danny, but it's been nothing more than rain.

This week we also participated in a bone marrow drive with our friend Jackie. I met Jackie's mom online, she is a little girl with leukemia that lives on Long Island. Jackie now goes to Schneider's-the same hospital Hannah goes to. Jackie was has been working so hard holding bone marrow donor drives to find more donors. You can read Jackie's story HERE. Jackie's mom set up the drive and asked everyone to bring a can for Hannah's Cans for Cancer. The girls and I went and WOW, were we impressed! Everything was so organized and people were streaming in. Jackie's mom had done a lot of work ahead of time, she had ads in the newspapers, and even a radio station there to broadcast from the drive. They signed up 62 people (including me) to be bone marrow donors. Jackie ran this drive in honor of Kai, who is still looking for his match for a donor to save his life. We had a wonderful time meeting Cyndi and Jackie, she is such a cutie pie. Jackie was very involved in her drive, handling some of the paperwork herself. She is only six years old but is way beyond her years!

You too can be a bone marrow donor, it's EASY! Most of the time, it's just like giving blood-they take the stem cells out of one arm and put them back in the other. You can save the life of someone else desperately in need of your help! Please consider registering to be a donor HERE.Kim

Wednesday, August 18, 2009

I guess it's about time I made an update! Wow, I think this is the longest I've ever gone without updating. I can't do it all in one night, so here is a little about our vacation. We had a fun and relaxing time at my parents house in Indiana. One of the many highlights of the trip was our fishing day at my parent's friend Steve's house. You may recall that Hannah loves to fish (or maybe you didn't know that already.) Dad got the worms and we were off.

Here are the prize fish from the day, check out Sydney's huge big mouth bass! The picture really doesn't do it justice, it was big! Steve said it was the biggest fish he has ever seen come out of that lake, I know Sydney enjoyed hearing that.
Besides the fishing, the girls enjoyed the lake swing. No-one wanted to be first to try it out, but after Colby was forced into action, they couldn't get enough of it. We were there for several hours and had a really good time, thanks Steve for letting us visit.
Lots more to talk about, Hannah started a new physical therapy program today to address the pain in her feet. My niece Sydney is here with us, and my sister arrives tomorrow to spend the weekend.
More to come...lots more!